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AMA Bigger Tasting Courses
Bigger and Bigger

The Bigger tasting courses are not just about the high-quality wines, but also about systematically integrating the knowledge of a sub-appellation into your own knowledge system. Combined with the numerous activity sessions and the wines tasted at the exhibitions, the Bigger Tasting Course will be the key to get through the wine doors.

AMA Bigger Tasting Courses - Alexandre MA

Why I create a Bigger Tasting Course?


The mainstream courses we take now are comprehensive, but they are too general and not specific enough to cover a sub-appellation in depth. Having studied wine for nearly 10 years, I have realised the importance of “detail” in the comprehension of wine. Three years ago, I decided to organize a small appellation tasting session every Sunday afternoon. We have now had more than 120 Bigger Tasting sessions with wine students who are now the mainstay of significant wine institutions and companies in China.


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Why it is called Bigger Tasting?


There is another meaning behind Bigger, “Bigger and Bigger”, which means higher, stronger and deeper. We believe that as time goes by, we will break through and become even better.

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Course length: 2-3 hours

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AMA Bigger Tasting Courses - Alexandre MA