Please read carefully before you book the course

Confirmation of place

Full payment must accompany the booking form – we do not accept provisional bookings and places will only be confirmed once full payment is received. The online booking form needs to be correctly completed and submitted before it is confirmed by the school. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided is real and correct, and where necessary, it should be approved by the student’s employer. Bookings will only be accepted on valid forms with signed / agreed student declaration. We strictly regulate the size of the class, therefore the application will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. If the course fee is employer-funded, a place will only be allocated once we receive the FULL payment for the designated course. If the student ceases employment with his/her employer prior to the course, we are in NO WAY liable to refund the employer who funds the course. The cancellation policy applies in all cases.


Cancellations and refunds policy 

Cancellation received up to 45 days prior to the course start date is entitled to a full refund if the course material is still sealed. Cancellation received 30 days prior to the course start date is entitled to a 65% refund of the course fee that covered booking course materials, examination fee and any other related costs. Cancellation received 15 days prior or after the start of the course, no refund or transfer will be made.  The school reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course or examination if there are insufficient numbers of students or for any other reason. Course fees will be refunded in full if the school cancels a course. Notification will be made by email in the 10 working days prior to the planned start date of the course. Special notice: The cancellation policy does not apply to bookings through CPF system, course transfer will be the only option.



Please note all transfers are subject to availability on alternative course/examination dates. Examination dates are fixed to the course onto which you book and any transfer to an alternative date will need to be applied at least 30 days prior the exam date. Please see the Re-sits policy. If the student is unable to attend the booked WSET Level 2 and Level 3 Courses, they can apply for a transfer 30 days prior the start of the course, and they will be required to pay 100€ or 200€ respectively for the processing of the relevant business. Transfers cannot be carried forward to the next academic year. All transfer requests must be made in writing or by email to If a student’s absence is unavoidable due to illness or unexpected emergencies, we will endeavour to allocate a place in the next available designated course for the student. However, we are NOT liable to guarantee such a course rearrangement. The above cancellation policy still applies.


Examination and Re-Sits 关于考试与补考

Students who complete the course must complete the corresponding examination within the current academic year. The exam place will be invalid after the specified date, re-sits fee will be charged when attending the examination of next academic year. Students who fail to attend the registered examination will be charged the re-sits fees for their next examination. (except for those affected by force majeure). Re-sits are open to our students registered on a WSET course who have failed an examination. The re-sit fee for WSET Level 2 in Wines is 120€, for WSET Level 3 in wines is 150€ for the theory part, 100€ for the tasting part and 250€ for both the theory and tasting. Students from other APPs can also attend re-sits at our school, but students must submit an application for transfer to the original course provider and obtain consent before they can register for re-sits. Please note that all re-sit bookings are subject to availability. To book a re-sit place, please contact us at least 30 days prior the examination date.


Course materials delivery

Once the place is confirmed, you may come to the school to pick the relevant course material. For students outside Bordeaux, we will mail the course material to the delivery address provided by the students. Students must provide a complete and accurate delivery address and ensure that someone can receive the package at that address. If a student fails to receive the course material, he/she can apply for re-sending and the student must pay the additional course material fee and postage; if the course material is returned to the school, we can re-mail it, the student will take charge of the postage.



Reasonable Adjustments

Students who have any request for Reasonable Adjustments should submit the request once the booking is confirmed, or at least 4 weeks before the date of the examination. We will identify the authenticity of the request, related attestation might be required when necessary. We will decide and reply within 5 working days after receiving the decision from WSET Awards.