A Drinking Song

W. B. Yeats

Wine comes in at the mouth

And love comes in at the eye

That’s all we shall know for truth

Before we grow old and die…

AMA Education Presentation - Alexandre MA

Every wine advocate is worthy of the love of fine wines

From W. B. Yeats to Bai LI, all literal poets devote their lives to the tastefulness of the drinks that bring about the joy and union with such liberating inspirations of divine wines.
e are affectionate for fine wine, be it the blood of the Christ, or the brandy of heroes. Every drip of fine wines is a taste of happiness.

Wines are not only what they are, but also the reflections of the history, the carrier of culture, the media of communications, and also the bridge of friendship. Our goal does not only to encourage others to appreciate the beauty of the fine wines, but also the desire to share their appeal. The learning of knowledge and the world of wines and spirits know no boundaries. Let us pay tribute to fine wines, the gracious bestowment by Nature, and keep walking forward.

About AMA Education

With several years of experience, Alexandre MA, who has lived and studied wine in Bordeaux for many years, invited his wife, Phydiasse REN, to create his education school brand-AMA Education.

In 2019, they founded the Grapea Bordeaux branch school in collaboration with Grapea&Co., which is one of the most famous Wine and Spirits School in China, founded by the first and the only Chinese Master Sommelier, LU Yang.

Alexandre and Phydiasse are both wine-lovers and have accumulated a wealth of expertise through their years of study and work in France’s wine and spirits industry. Their travels between France and China have given them an in-depth knowledge of the wine and spirits markets and different cultures in both countries. They are eager to share this pure beauty with as many people as possible through wine education!

Set up by AMA Education in collaboration with Grapea&Co., the Grapea Bordeaux branch school is the first wine and spirits education school dedicated to overseas Chinese.

We aim to provide high-quality wine and spirits courses for overseas Chinese. Our headmaster, Alexandre MA(MA Xianchen), is a rising star in the young generation of the wine industry.

Passionate about wines, Alexandre has a great talent for tasting, and profound knowledge of wines worldwide. He is the 2016 world champion of blind tasting (Chinese team), and the only Asian and youngest journalist admitted to the RVF tasting committee since 1927.

Having lived in France for many years, he has a deep knowledge of the main European wine-producing regions and has his insights. As an educator, Alexandre is one of the most popular wine lecturers in China, and has been awarded the Best Educator of the Year 2018 and 2019. Many young consumers highly appreciate his vivid and amusing teaching style. In the previous ten years, he has trained many wine amateurs and professionals in China and France.

In May 2021, he launched his bilingual wine media website: Alexandrema.com, officially announcing himself as a Chinese wine critic. He aims to make it an educational and indispensable wine media for China’s wine market.

We have three Chinese educators in AMA Education, including the headmaster, who are all overseas wine professionals and WSET Diploma holders. We are also the first WSET-authorised school in France to offer WSET courses in Chinese. We are also the official course provider of Wine Scholar Guild.

If you are passionate about wine, join us, we are expecting you!


AMA Education is owned and operated by Renaissance Wine&Spirit
SIRET: 825 109 812 00016
Déclaration d’activité enregistré sous le numéro 7533 13731 33
AMA Education Presentation - Alexandre MA


Alexandre MA
Headmaster of AMA Wine Education


  • Founder of alexandrema.com
  • Chinese wine critic
  • World Champion of Blind Tasting 2016(Chinese team)
  • Former wine journalist and wind critic of RVF (La Revue du Vin de France)
  • WSET Level 4 Diploma holder
  • WSET Certified Educator
  • Senior Wine Educator of Shanghai GrapeA Wine Education
  • Best Educator of the Year 2018 and 2019
  • IWS (Italian Wine Scholar, Highest Honor)
  • SWS (Spanish Wine Scholar, Highest Honor)
  • FWS (French Wine Scholar, Highest Honor)
  • French National Diploma of Sommelier
  • Chevalier de Commanderie du Bontemps
  • Officially certified wine educator of Bordeaux, Cognac, Armagnac, Montsant and New Zealand
  • MSc Wine&Spirits Marketing and Management, INSEEC


Phydiasse REN

Operation Director of AMA Education


  • General Manager of Renaissance Wine&Spirit
  • WSET Level 4 Diploma holder
  • WSET Certified Educator
  • SWS (Spanish Wine Scholar, Highest Honor)
  • Educator of AMA Education
  • MSc Wine&Spirits Marketing and Management, INSEEC
  • Winner of the INSEEC 2015 First Place Scholarship for the year
  • Former brand ambassador for ABK6 Cognac in China
  • Consultant for the French Ministry of Commerce (Guangzhou)
AMA Education Presentation - Alexandre MA
AMA Education Presentation - Alexandre MA


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