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Bordeaux 2021 Weather Condition

Bordeaux En Primeurs-Bordeaux 2021 Weather Condition - Alexandre MA

Ask any wine critics their favorite time of the year, and you are bound to get the answer “April”.

Ask them their least favorite time of the year, and you will still get the answer “April”.

Such a love-hate relationship is not difficult to interpret, all due to the annual hustle-bustle Bordeaux En Primeurs.

While the tasting of the Bordeaux 2021 Primeurs is ongoing, with notes and reports still sitting in my head, I would like to present our eager followers a starter of the multi-course meal, Bordeaux weather conditions in 2021.

As usual, the analysis is carried out based on our easy-to-understand “5+1 conditions for a good vintage”.

Now, let’s take a few minutes and find out:

What was the weather like in 2021 and what impact did it bring?

What happened in the vineyards?

What leads to my conclusion that 2021 is the “Vintage of Winemakers”?

You will find the answers in the video.

Cheers, and see you soon.