AMA Selection 2021
Release and Tasting Conference

AMA Selection 2021 Release and Tasting Conference - Alexandre MA

As spring paints its vibrant colours in this Year of the Dragon, we are thrilled to share the success of the AMA Selection 2021 Release and Tasting Conference, held on Château Larrivet Haut-Brion on March 28th, 2024.


In the third year of our AMA Selection unveiling, we were graced by the presence of nearly 50 guests in person, while an impressive 5,000 wine enthusiasts joined us virtually, embodying the spirit of unity and shared passion for fine wines.


The spotlight shone on 39 exquisite wines from the “AMA Selection 2021”. During the tasting event, Alexandre MA guided the tasting of 19 exceptional wines from the “Hidden Dragon Selection”, he masterfully blended humor and intelligence in his presentations, sparking continuous laughter and animating the conference atmosphere. Participants were keen to engage, posing questions and entering discussions with Alexandre, which significantly enhanced their confidence for the 2021 vintage.


Our new project AMA Gallery received unanimous praise, captivating the attendees with its allure and drawing enthusiastic responses.


The AMA selection aims to showcase the unique characteristics and beauty of different vintages, while also aligning with various market preferences. Bordeaux, with its rich diversity, encapsulates this essence. Through our curated selection, we aspire to guide everyone in experiencing the differences of each vintage and appreciating the unique charm it brings, enriching our understanding of wine and fostering deeper connections with the vibrant world of Bordeaux wines.


Sincere thanks to all the participants and the various organizations arranging samples, and special thanks to Château Larrivet Haut-Brion for providing the venue. Your support is the driving force behind our continuous improvement.


We hope the AMA Selection 2021 inspires and enriches your passion for wine. 


Until next year, cheers!