Inside La Place Interview
Alexandre MA

Inside la place Interview-Alexandre MA - Alexandre MA


“Inside La PLACE by Gerda” is a special column set up by Roland Coiffe & Associés, by sharing the exchanges with the people working in the wine industry, helps to better understand the future opportunities of the market.

This is the transcription of the interview between Ms. Gerda BEZIADE and Mr. Alexandre MA, the interview took place in April 2022, below is an extract from the interview

“Bordeaux has always attracted wine lovers. Alexandre Ma is one of them. He is the first Chinese journalist based in Bordeaux. I have had the pleasure to meet him with a glass of champagne. This meeting was very interesting. When two wine lovers meet, time does not matter…”


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Meeting with Alexandre MA


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RCA 专访中国酒评人兼葡萄酒讲师马先辰(Alexandre MA)