AMA Scores
Featured On Millésima

AMA Scores Featured on Millésima - Alexandre MA

As this busy En Primeur season draws to an end, we are delighted to see an increasing number of wineries and platforms incorporating AMA scores. This serves as significant support and affirmation for us. Last year, we successfully partnered with the world’s largest wine data search platform, Wine-Searcher. This year, we are excited to share another good news: AMA scores are now officially referenced on one of the most active and renowned platforms for fine wine trading globally, Millésima!


From now on, when searching for wines on the Millésima website, especially for recent vintages, you will see the red AMA logo in the “Rating” section, indicating the AMA score.

AMA Scores Featured on Millésima - Alexandre MA

About Millésima


Millésima is one of the most active and renowned platforms for fine wine trading globally. Since its establishment in 1983, it has been dedicated to offering the most unique and rare fine wines, maintaining close partnerships with prestigious wineries around the world.


Millésima boasts:

  • 150,000 private clients across 120 countries
  • 13,000 wines available online
  • 2.5 million bottles of wine stored in a 200-year-old cellar
  • 8 million website visits (2023)
  • 46,000 orders annually
  • An average order value of €1,000
  • In 2023, Millésima and its affiliates achieved a wine trade revenue of €100 million!


Millésima is distinguished for its authority and real-time updates, featuring ratings from globally recognized wine critics and quickly displaying En Primeur prices for various vintages.  Whether you are a wine consumer, professional, or enthusiast, Millésima provides extensive data on wineries and wines, meticulously categorized by vintage, effectively serving as a “wine database.”


“Constant dripping wears away the stone.” Our persistent efforts are finally bearing fruit, receiving more and more recognition and affirmation. Upholding AMA’s consistent attention to detail and pursuit of excellence, we will continue to strive and pursue excellence in the future!