AMA Selection
Bordeaux 2021 En Primeur
Blooming Lotus

Bordeaux 2021 En Primeur AMA Selection – Blooming Lotus - Alexandre MA

AMA Selection – Blooming Lotus


Primeur wines that deliver remarkable quality, present an adequate interpretation of the terroir, and at a relatively reasonable price. They are the representative of Bordeaux beauty and the “original aspiration” and deserve to be recognized by more.


心水集: “心水” ( pronounced as Xin Shui ):heart for “心” and water for “水”, is the Cantonese phrase meaning “my favorite”, we also use the word to describe a philosophy of life with great wisdom: the heart is as serene as calm water. Lotus expresses perfectly the indication of “心水”— cultivated utterly invisible to the world and remains true to our original aspiration.


The ancient Chinese used the phrase “the heart is as serene as calm water” (心静如水)to describe one’s inner peace, a philosophy of life with great wisdom. Buddhists often place a cup of water in front of the Buddha, by taking the implication that “water nurtures the world but never competes with anything”.


I have had so many difficulties finding an exact equivalent in English to present the meaning of “Xin Shui”. I see one word that can convey the meaning adequately: “the lotus blooming from clear water”. Lotus has the quality of maintaining unadulterated despite coming from deep soil, and never being coquettish although having been rinsed with limpid water. It is cultivated under the water, utterly invisible to the world, waiting for the right time to make its debut.


The phrase “Xin Shui” also reflects my selection criteria for the En Primeur. The wines selected are all of outstanding quality, perfectly interpret the terroir on which they were born, and most importantly, at a relatively reasonable price. 


Today, 22 reds and 13 whites among the Bordeaux 2021 En Primeur have been selected for the AMA Selection – Blooming Lotus. In my view, these are the wineries with excellent performance and great value, of which their beauty deserves to be seen by more.


As such, I am putting forward this carefully chosen Blooming Lotus Selection, hoping that it will guide you to draft a more interesting En Primeur investment list that suits you the best and that it will also present the little-known beauty and “original aspiration” of Bordeaux to more.